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This alarm is not compatible with Euro 4/5 fuel injected models..

This simple, yet effective Lextek Alarm will help to protect your bike. Quick and easy to fit, you can use it on any motorcycle or scooter..

The alarm has a 125dB dual-tone loudspeaker, that will alert anyone nearby. It also features a remote start and comes with 2 key fobs..

Small, discreet, waterproof and simple. Plus with wiring instructions, it is easy to install. We recommend that the speaker is unobstructed by panels or seats to get the maximum volume..
This alarm is perfect if you want a straightforward, loud alarm to protect your bike..



2 x Key Fobs (batteries included - MN27)
Sounder/Horn (125dB)
Control Box
Wiring instructions

The remote start feature may not function on all models of motorcycles or scooters, running bikes should not be left unattended or unobserved. Please ensure the motorcycle or scooter battery is in good condition, a dead battery will prevent the alarm from operating..

Quick and easy to fit if your motorcycle or scooter comes with a 9 pin plug as part of the wiring loom. If your bike does not have the 9 pin plug fitted, then there is a loom supplied that you can wire into your bike. If you are not confident in wiring this yourself, this is an easy task for a mechanic or auto electrician..

Lextek alarm/immobiliser

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