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The GP Chain 10 is an incredible value, multi-purpose chain lock. The GP Chain 10 is great for securing everything from bicycles to benches, boats and BBQs, plus hire machinery, lawnmowers and sheds. With its reassuringly chunky steel chain links and integral lock head make this one of Oxford's most versatile locks.

The GP Chain 10 has a key replacement service. When you buy your GP Chain 10, simply note down the number which comes attached to the keys on a metal tag. Keep this in a safe place, then in the event that you are unfortunate enough to lose all your keys, it will be possible to get a new key made up for you.

The GP Chain 10 has undergone rigorous independent testing and has gained Sold Secure Bicycle BRONZE certification.

Key Features
• Integral lock head
• Non scratch chain sleeve
• 10mm round square chain
• 3 lengths available for various uses: 1.2m, 1.5m and 2.0m
• Sold Secure Bicycle BRONZE certified
• 4 keys which are replaceable

Oxford GP Chain

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