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    • 360 degree rotation, universal ball design, angle adjustment.
    • 2in1 design,you can install on your Motorcycle's handlebar or mirror base.
    • Input DC 12V-24V,fit for Motorcycle use.
    • Mirror mount,It can be installed on all the electric cars, motorcycles and ATVs with rearview mirror and so on, with a very wide range of installation.
    • Item Type: motorcycle cell phone holder with wireless charger.
    • input: DC 12V-24V
    • Output power: 15W(max),5W 7.5W 10W (Automatic matching according to mobile phone receiver)
    • colour:Black
    • Material:ABS
    • Package Contents:
    • 1x Motorcycle wireless charger Mount Holder
    • 1x Rear view mirror base
    • 1x Hex key
    • 1x fuse
    • 2x Plastic pad
    • 2x Cable tie)v




    £49.00 Preço normal
    £40.00Preço promocional
    • Please note that the prices displayed on our website already include both the cost of the part and the associated labor and fitting charges. This means that when you purchase a product from us, you are not only paying for the item itself but also for the professional service of fitting it to your motorcycle.

      However, we understand that some customers may only require the part without the fitting service. In such cases, we are pleased to offer a 20% discount on the listed price of the part alone.

      We believe this approach provides flexibility for our customers while maintaining the quality of service and products that we are known for.

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